Savah Splankna

Splankna Therapy Institute is answering a call to redeem the field of energy healing for the Kingdom of God.  The enemy does not create, he only distorts and if energy healing works (as Splankna clients can attest) it works because God created it. 

And what God created… is good.  So good.

The spiritual boundaries God has shown Sarah Thiessen (Founder of Splankna Therapy Institute) to put around energy healing keep both practitioners and clients safe.  

Sarah’s book, “Splankna, The Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God” is the story of the wrestling she did as a newly licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed professional counselor.  The frustration she felt when clients did not respond the way she expected them to and when God closed doors for her, making it apparent He had another road for her to walk.  When she was first exposed to energy healing, she was very skeptical and wondered whether should she embrace these tools as a Jesus loving, woman of faith?  The book shares the culmination of the research she did as to whether energy healing was of God or off limits because it was New Age or Witchcraft.  She starts off by defining terms as many people do not have a clear definition of what they mean when they say something is New Age or Witchcraft.

“Witchcraft is the attempt to gain special knowledge or power outside of God.”

Her conclusion?

God gave the gift of energy healing and the difference between Splankna and New Age practices or Witchcraft is Lordship.

– New Age says we are all one and we can manifest what we want in our own power – God is not sovereign, He is not above us and we are equals.

– The definition of 
Witches perplexed her.  What she found is that witches consider themselves aligned with the benevolent god or goddess of the universe.  Their “craft” has “an overriding theme of love, celebration, harmony with nature, and the pursuit of overall improvement for the earth and the human race” and their intentions are generally well-meaning with the occasional ill will that they align more with justice  than evil.  attempt to obtain special knowledge (consulting mediums, tarot cards, ouija boards) or special power (potions, manifesting,